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"Help Nathan Buy Firefly".30 000 fans in 5 days. The numbers are still going up.I know that there are Browncoats here on tumblr. But I'm not calling only Browncoats. I'm calling everyone. It's a facebook page, it does not cost anything - let me explain why it's important and why you should be a part of it even if you don't watch the show.

It’s a call. To everybody on tumblr. Yes, even to you. Even if you haven’t seen Firefly. Even if you don’t think that it’s not so great. Even if you don’t plan to watch it.

Firefly got only one season of 13 episodes. Why ? Because the network (the FOX) decided to condemn the show. They aired it at differents slots every week, and ignored the continuity of the episodes.

Then, they decided that there was not enough audiences, and that therefore the show should be cancelled.

They condemned the show RIGHT FROM THE BEGINNING.

Now, imagine. That was in 2002.

Imagine. Here’s an exemple - even two.

Since there’s a lot of Doctor Who fans, Supernatural fans in there…


One season. 13 episodes. You loved it. You wanted more. It was quality. And the network cancelled it. Damn, it condemned your favorite show. Revolting, right ?

But hey, you, and the others fans decided that it was NOT a lost cause.

You made actions, you raised founds…

You got a movie, to close the show. YEARS later.

But still it could have been so fucking more.

It shouldn’t have been that way. It’s not fair.

Now, we, Browncoats - we’re there again, one more time.

Nathan Fillion made clear recently that if he got enough money, he would buy the rights. He also made clear that he would like to play Mal (his character in Firefly) again. Some scenarists say that they are ready if it happens.

I’d bet that the other actors are, too.

They are ready to reboot the show.

And that ? Was 6 or 5 days ago. Since then we made a facebook page - and a website. Scenarists and actors expressed themselves, as said before.

They are ready, if WE make it happen.


Not now. For now, we’re just showing that yes, we still care, that we want new episodes, because in the end, it’s what it’s all about : getting the show back, having new episodes.

Being a fan on facebook is enough.

I’m not asking for more.


If your favorite show was cancelled and that you could make the difference by clicking on a “like” button, would you ?

Hell, I don’t watch Supernatural, but if something like that happened to the show, I would do it without any problem.

It’s solidarity.

Isn’t it what tumblr’s all about ?

Sharing ideas and supporting each other.

Spread the word. Reblog. You can be a part of it, even if you don’t know the show.

We aim to misbehave.

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